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 Tess Evans

Are you using lotion more than ever these days because of COVID-19?

I never realized what was going on my hands until I made my first lotion bar.

Hi, I’m Tess! I started Creative quinTESSence LLC in January of 2018. Prior to that, I was just making crafts as a hobby like light catchers and tutus as gifts or made to order. I’ve always been into homemade and homeopathic ideas. My friend gave me some beeswax after I helped extract the honey from the comb. I thought I would make a beeswax candle with it. Needless to say the candle never turned out properly, but a lotion bar did come about! I researched and made my own special creation based off of healing natural ingredients beneficial for skin.


I started Creative quinTESSence because the people around me were looking for alternatives to the norm and continued asking for my product because it worked for them. Now my product line has expanded past just solid lotion bars. Creative quinTESSence provides an alternative to store bought skin moisturizing products containing unrecognizable and unnecessary ingredients. I support local small bee farmers in Wisconsin by using only natural beeswax as a base for my lotion products.


I love how Creative quinTESSence lotion products makes my skin feel and so will you!


I take special orders too. So if you have an event coming up and need a little something for your guests, consider a unique gift like a customized lotion bar with that handmade touch.

I have confidence in the products I am offering, because of the time and effort I have put in to making the perfect creation for you.  If you have any questions, please contact me

Love and Light,


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